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Chris TDL AI Project

Chris TDL AI Project is an artificial intelligence research company whose mission is to make this technology accessible to everyone.

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The Chris TDL Post is a media company focused on celebrity, game and style.

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B.Influential Label

B.Influential Label’s goals are to promote new and upcoming artists and help them on their journey and give them the recognition they deserve. We aim to give artists, new or old, a platform to help elevate their career. We believe in the creative freedom of artists.

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Net Worth Space

Net Worth Space is a Canadian news website hosted by CH TDL Company based on the personalization of media personalities aimed at studying their future evolution and measuring the months.

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Chris TDL Council

Chris TDL Council was created with the primary objective of being like the most talented people in their fields.  We believe that bringing together the most influential people professionally will allow the development of our grandiose projects.

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The Chris TDL Group

The Chris TDL Group ™ has quickly become one of the leading management companies in the industry. 

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Million Hope by Chris TDL

The Official Clothing Brand of Belgian-Canadian-French Serial Entrepreneur, Chris TDL

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